Stream Etiquette

Keep Your Distance

There is no doubt about it, our fly fishing community continues to grow. We are excited and welcome the new fisherman joining our ranks each day. With this in mind, streams and rivers are becoming more crowded, especially on the weekends. It’s always preferable to have an undisturbed stretch of water ahead of you, but this is not always possible.

Try to be mindful of other fishermen. Utilizing the phrase “Are you working up or downstream?” can help you avoid any unnecessary drama. What draws many people to the sport is the quiet, peaceful solitude by being alone. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever have the waterway all to yourself. The rule of thumb is to allow as much space as possible between each angler. The person who is most upstream has the right of way. By courteously asking which direction they are fish and seeking permission to fish the opposite direction will be enough most of the time. If you are fishing a heavily fished area where this is not possible, allow at least 40 yards between you and the next fisherman.

keep the country, country

The outdoors are truly spectacular! Sadly, some people do not heed as much respect to our beautiful watersheds as they should. Finding trash along the shore or river banks has become far too common. We just want to give a friendly reminder to keep the country, country. If you bring it in, pack it out! Protect our waterways so that we can all enjoy fly fishing and the beauties of nature for many years to come.