With the beginner fly fisherman in mind, we've designed the ALL NEW

Toe Dipper and Weekend Warrior Starter Packages.

These will be the most complete, highest quality starter sets on the market!

Each set has been meticulously designed by fly fishing professionals to help you smash the learning curve! These complete packages give you access to ALL the high-performance, high-quality equipment you need, for an incredible value. Just add water!

We've made these packages user friendly with helpful reference cards and our Starter Fly Fishing Guide to help you go from beginner to intermediate in no time.

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What is included?

component details

Rod & Case

Our all new Fly Flinger rod was designed to give beginner fly fisherman access to an advanced rod without the expensive price tag. The 9 foot 5 weight rod was carefully worked to achieve the perfect “yin yang” duo of power and finesse. This will allow you to chuck heavy streamers and nymphs, while still being sensitive enough for delicate dry fly throws. And each rod comes with an extra tip... just in case! A cordova case is also included for protection on the go.


Our 5/6 Ascent reel is CNC engraved, making it insanely durable and reliable. The drag was designed to provide you a wide range of give and take. You'll have the drag sensitivity you need when fighting that next Tyranasaurus Rex sized fish!

Backing/Fly Line

Each set includes a high quality, weight forward fly line. Each set is pre-spooled with line and backing so you're ready to go!

Leader pack

We've made sure that anglers will be well equipped by giving them a 3x, 4x, and 5x Superflex Plus+ nylon tapered leader.

Tippet pack

Includes three (4x, 5x, 6x), 110 yard spools of our Superflex Plus+ nylon tippet.


This sturdily designed retractor has a 24-inch reach, anti-rust cord, and 360 degree rotation.


We’ve designed this forcep to include all our favorite features. It’s 5.5 inches long, making it compact, yet versatile enough to handle any job. It has a comfy double-dipped rubber grip and locking handles with 3 different positions. Half smooth, half serrated jaw. Made of surgical stainless steel with a matte black rust-resistant finish. Includes a hook eyelet cleaner to remove any excess material or glue on your flies.


Everything you need from a nipper without the expensive price tag. Cut line, tie the tricky nail knot, and even clear out hook eyelets with this multi-functional tool. It’s made of stainless steel making it durable, sharp, and rust-free.

floatant & floatant caddy

A ruggidly designed floatant caddy that fits all major brands of floatant. Includes our personal favorite floatant - Loon Outdoor's Aquel!

strike indicators

Thingamabobber's are simply the best! Each set includes a 3-pack of 3/4" black n' white high-visibility indicators.


No shortcuts were made in the making of this package. We know how important adding a little weight can be while nymphing. Each set includes a pack of split shot, giving you a range of small to large weight you can add to get your flies down into the strike zone.

tippet holder

This black anodized anti-rust Tippet Holder is specifically designed to take a beating without compromising functionality. The carabiner is made of strong aluminum alloy. The T-bar is 3 inches long yielding a high capacity of 8 tippet spools!


Flies! Our speciality. We have included the most well-thought out, meticulously selected fly assortments on the market.

We know how difficult fly selection can be to learn for beginners, so we've designed these sets to make it easy and fun to learn. You'll be able to match any hatch with ease!

waterproof fly box

As an added bonus, each set includes a durable waterproof fly box.


The Weekend Warrior pack contains our rugged wood net with soft rubber webbing. Catch and release our fishy friends with ease!

Net Release

The Weekend Warrior pack includes our extremely durable net connector, with a powerful magnet to keep your net connected and out of the way.

sling pack

The Weekend Warrior Package also includes our NEW Sling Pack. It's lightweight, comfortable, durable, and perfect for storing your gear on a day's adventure.

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The price

We want beginners to have ALL the gear they need at an affordable price without compromising quality. This set is designed to be able to take out of the box and head directly to the river. We cut out the middleman and sell our products directly to anglers, creating a cost effective way to give you the equipment you need. 

These starter sets will provide you with the best bang for your buck! Not only will you have everything you need to hit the river, but all of it will be backed by our 100% satisfaction, or your money back, guarantee.

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