Meet our best sellers

"My first order, I bought a collection full of dry and wet flies. The quality was so good I followed up by ordering 4 more Baker's Dozen packs with some local hatch dry flies. They arrived so fast and the results were great!"

- Greg T.

"I've been fly fishing over 30 years and I'm kind of a fly fishing snob with high standards. I can tell right off the bat that for the money this is a great buy. The index cards with helpful knots and info are a nice touch. You can't go wrong with these!"

- Topher.

Behind the scenes

Sharp, Durable Hooks & High-quality materials

 A beautifully crafted fly is only as good as it's hook.

Our hooks are made of premium steel to ensure they are sharp, stay sharp, and durable enough to handle a trophy fish fight.

Rest assured that only the highest quality materials are used to create our flies.

hand tied, quality inspected

Our flies are ONLY TIED BY EXPERT FLY TIERS. Some of them have been tying flies for over 20 years!

Each fly is inspected twice before it arrives to you.

Quality > Everything is our 100% Guarantee.

Education-centered packaging

With the absolute beginner in mind, we’ve included user-friendly reference cards, and oriented the flies to match, for easy identification.

You’ll be able to quickly understand what each fly looks like, which bugs they imitate, and when to use them. No experience needed!

From our shop to you

Don’t get stuck having to buy outrageously expensive, middleman marked up, refinance the house priced gear.

We cut out the middleman and sell our products directly to anglers, creating a cost effective way to give you the high-quality equipment you need. 

"The flies are great! Being relatively new to fly fishing, I really like the cards too. They give critical details on the names of the flies. If someone says 'the Elk Hair Caddis is working great,' one can easily hit the box and know exactly where to find a particular fly. "

- Kevin H.

"Just received my first set of flies from Ventures and I have to say these will save me from making my own. The fly tying rig is now retired as long as Ventures is selling flies. Thanks for a great product! "

- Lesley C.

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