dry fly rigs

There are few things better than watching a big fish slam your fly as it drifts across the water’s surface! These rig set ups will help your fly look natural and entice those picky fish.

single dry fly rig

Application: The most simple rig there is, the single dry fly set up is most effective when accuracy is paramount or during a substantial hatch. Your leader length and size depend on how picky the fish are. The pickier the fish, the longer and lighter the leader.

Double dry fly rig

Application: Often, you will encounter picky fish or a hatch involving very small flies. In order to “match the hatch,” you will find that using a single, size 18 or 20, dry fly can be nearly impossible to see. Adding on a second larger dry fly can act as a sighter or indicator to the smaller fly. You may even get a pleasant surprise if the fish goes after your bigger fly. 

Dry/Hopper Dropper rig

Application: One of our favorites is the dry/hopper dropper rig. It is extremely effective because it covers multiple water columns (dry is on top, nymph is below the surface).