Rainbow Warrior | Baker's Dozen Tying Pack
Rainbow Warrior | Baker's Dozen Tying Pack

Rainbow Warrior | Baker's Dozen Tying Pack

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Question: What does the Rainbow Warrior imitate?

Yes. D. All the above. None of the above. Is this a trick question…it has every color in it so it imitates everything, right?

The Answer: Who the heck knows?

But what we do know…and what’s most important, is that it’s a fish catching machine! 

Its creator, Lance Egan of Fly Fishing Team USA, dropped the mic when talking about it saying:

“Rainbow Warriors catch fish. Period…End of Story.”

He finds it works in rivers with sow bugs, scuds, midge pupae, and can even pass a chironomid imitation for stillwater.

The Rainbow Warrior attracts the attention of trout like a magnet and deserves a spot in your box…so tie some up!

Included Materials:

Pre-proportioned: Tying flies can be expensive because you have to buy the materials in bulk.

Instead, we've bought the materials in bulk and pre-proportioned them out so you can tie 13 flies in each pack (with a little extra in case of mistakes).

You'll be able to tie the patterns you want, without overspending on bulk.

Premium Quality Materials...

...from Brands you Trust!

Beginner Friendly

Step-by-step Video Tutorial