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Fly anglers have always overestimated the importance of Mayflies and underestimated the importance of Caddis in a trout's diet.

Gary Lafontaine was 40 years ahead of his time when he wrote the book Caddisflies and revealed this important truth to the fly fishing world.

Sparking a revolution of Caddis patterns.

It's remarkable that even though there are 1,200 sub-species of Caddis, with just a few sizes and different shades of Elk Hair Caddis, you can match near any Caddis hatch with precision.

Caddis have an erratic and random behavior. The female adults only skim the water's surface to lay eggs for split seconds at a time.

Trout usually have seconds to observe mayfly dinners. But with Caddis, they must impulsively decide to attack to have any chance at a meal. Allowing you some leeway in your presentation of color, size, and behavior.

Which makes the Elk Hair Caddis a unique and versatile dry fly option. Not only can you present a realistic presentation to match the hatch. It's also a terrific searching pattern.

Trout are willing to exert more effort to chase these flies down!

Included Materials:

Pre-proportioned: Tying flies can be expensive because you have to buy the materials in bulk.

Instead, we've bought the materials in bulk and pre-proportioned them out so you can tie 13 flies in each pack (with a little extra in case of mistakes).

You'll be able to tie the patterns you want, without overspending on bulk.

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